Engineering and Surveying Services | C2C Design Group



From small property surveys to large commercial site construction stake out services, our team of surveyors and technicians use today’s technology to obtain, process and plot field data efficiently and economically.

• Boundary and Topographic Surveys
• Boundary Retracement
• ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
• Aerial Control Surveys
• GPS – Global Positioning Surveys
• FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates
• Land Subdivision Calculations and Plans
• Monumentation Services
• Deed Plotting
• Construction Stake Out Services
• Record or As Built Surveys

Survey Contact: Greg Dimovitz, PLS | Extension 137 |

Site Design

Overcoming challenges is at the heart of what motivates us as Engineers. Dwindling reserves of prime developable land, ever-evolving regulations, and increasing emphasis on financial margins continue to create challenges for developers and engineers alike. Rooted in the development industry, C2C Design Group understands the challenges of today’s land development projects. Our staff will guide our clients through the process from “Concept to Construction” using a combination of proven strategies and fresh ideas to provide practical and economical solutions to even the most challenging of sites.

• Conceptual / Sketch Plan Preparation
• Site Planning / Layout
• Subdivision Plans
• Site Grading
• Roadway Design
• Utilities Engineering
• Landscape Architecture
• Site Lighting Design Assistance
• Stormwater Collection and Conveyance
• Stormwater Management Design (including NPDES Permitting)
• Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
• Floodplain Studies
• Local, State and Federal Permit Approvals
• Cost Estimation
• Construction Phase Services and Administrative Support

Site Design Contact: Brian Focht, PE | Extension 170 |

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure:
Green infrastructure has become a dynamic model for communities when addressing issues involving stormwater runoff that creates an increase in cost incurred by water treatment facilities, contributes to flooding, and pollution of the streams and lakes that are an integral part of our quality of life. C2C Design Group has a unique ability to utilize a broad spectrum of talents within the company’s land development, structural and municipal engineering, surveying and construction capabilities.

• Meeting requirements of the MS4 permit.
• NPDES permits.
• Applications for grants.
• Organizing community projects.
• Community green infrastructure master planning.
• Master planning for schools.
• Design and installation.
• Playground retrofits.
• Raingardens.
• Pervious pavement.
• Vegetated infiltration pits.
• Green roof design.
• Streetscapes: Tree pits with infiltration beds, seating and pavement.
• Educational workshops.

Green Infrastructure Contact: Chuck Frantz, PE | Extension 163 |

Municipal Engineering

It is the primary duty of a municipal entity to be of service to their residents and businesses. C2C understands the demands and responsibilities placed on municipalities and realize the importance of partnerships, communication and consistency required to ensure the continued success of the local communities they serve. Our staff of professional engineers has provided municipal engineering support throughout much of southeastern and central Pennsylvania. We recognize that individual demands of each municipality are not the same, yet are of equal importance to the communities they serve. Drawing upon years of experience guiding municipal clients on matters of development, infrastructure and planning and applying insights gained from our development and construction partnerships C2C Design Group can help municipalities meet these demands.

• Planning and Zoning Review Services
• Subdivision and Land Development Review Services
• Capital Improvement Projects
• Design and Permitting Services
• Specification Preparation
• Public Bidding and Evaluation Support
• Construction Administration and Inspection Services
• Ordinance Preparation / Modification
• Expert Testimony
• Meeting Representation

Municipal Engineering Contact: Chuck Frantz, PE | Extension 163 |

Architectural Engineering

Originally formed to support the design of Forino residential building plans, the Architectural Engineering Services at C2C Design Group has grown to support a broad range of design services. True to its roots,our Architectural Engineering Services supports single family and custom home design efforts but has also expanded to include design support for residential and commercial buildings including Townhouses, Apartments, and Student Housing Complexes. In addition to new building construction, C2C can provide concept and design assistance for remodeling, expansion and fit-out of existing spaces. In addition to design services, our staff can also assist clients with inspection services, code interpretation, structural remediation and failure investigation.

• Inspection Services
• Failure Investigation
• Structural Remediation
• Conceptual Design | Feasibility Analysis
• Structural Design and Analysis
• Retaining Wall Design / Coordination
• Building Code Interpretation and Analysis

Architectural Engineering Contact: Chuck Frantz, PE | Extension 163 |

Commercial Lender Assistance

As our communities continue to grow, responsible development is necessary to support the needs of the community. The life blood of development has always been, and will continue to be, financial support to fund projects and businesses. We understand the demands that are placed on Commercial Lending Institutions to ensure the proper administration of funds to support development. We are proud to partner with Commercial Lending Institutions on a variety of services that are vital to ensure our communities continue to thrive and improve the quality of life for its residents.

• Land Planning / Feasibility Analysis
• Land Development and Permitting
• FEMA Floodplain Elevation Certificates
• ALTA / ACSM Surveys
• Structural Inspections
• Drawdown Inspections and Assistance
• Construction Cost Estimates

Commercial Lender Assistance Contact: Chuck Frantz, PE | Extension 163 |

Design-Build Services

Our staff will coordinate with our client and construction partners throughout the design process to ensure a seamless and stream-lined transition from design to construction phases allowing for shorter lead times and overall project timelines.

Design-Build Services Contact: Chuck Frantz, PE | Extension 163 |